JOIN US at Spring Side Dairy for a pasture walk, great food and lots of fun with fellow grazing enthusiasts!

10:00am : "Doors" open - Introductions and morning mingling

10:30am : Morning Pasture Walk with Audubon Grassland Bird discussion

12:00pm - 1:00pm : Lunch with GrassWorks introductions and updates

1:00pm - Afternoon Pasture Walk with Responsible Agriculture in Karst Country discussion

Featured Speakers:

Krysten Zummo, Conservation Manager, Audubon MN

Krysten has spent her career focused on the implication of different habitat management practices on bird populations and supporting landowners in their efforts to balance conservation and working lands. After completing her master’s degree studying grazing and microclimate impacts on scaled quail, Krysten was hired as a Farm Bill Biologist with Pheasants Forever. For the past 5 years, she worked with Mississippi Valley Conservancy in southwestern Wisconsin. In both positions, she assisted landowners interested in protecting their lands by providing field and technical assistance for the implementation of conservation practices and locating and applying for relevant cost-share programs. As the Grassland Ecologist for the National Audubon Society, Krysten is helping to bring Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program to Minnesota.

Aaron Bishop, Responsible Agriculture in Karst Country (RAKC)

Aaron Bishop of Harmony helps manage Niagara Cave with his family. He uses his geology background to learn more about the connections between land use and soil health and water quality. Aaron has been a member of Responsible Ag in Karst Country (RAKC) since its inception in 2018 and has advocated for appropriate stewardship practices at the county and state level. 

More information on the Pasture Walks

Audubon walk:

In an effort to reverse the decline of grassland bird species, Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program is teaming up with ranchers to implement habitat conservation practices through managed grazing. This market-based approach offers incentives for good grassland stewardship through a certification label on beef products. For the first time, consumers can contribute to grassland conservation effort by selectively purchasing beef from Audubon-certified farms and ranches. Join Krysten for the morning hike for a little late season birding and learn about how managed grazing and bird habitat are linked.

RAKC walk:

The presentation will consist of a broad overview of Karst Country and the Driftless region beginning 450 million years ago to now. It will include modern concerns and challenges the region faces that directly result from the geological history of the region and the current land use practices.

Cost is $10/person and includes lunch!
Kids are welcome and eat free.


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